Jailbreak iOS7 , 7.04 and install Cydia

iOS 7    7,04      Jailbreak

Jailbreak and install Cydia


What is Cydia?

Do you like customization? Do you like to have full use of your device? Enjoy making ringtones by yourself? Apple likes to have control of their devices, with a Cydia download that all goes away. Cydia is a management suite used that can be used when you jailbreak your iOS device. Cydia is basically like the app store for jailbroken devices. It allows full customization of your phone, and the ability to download Cydia Apps that would not have made it past the strict apple guidelines.

Install Cydia

Installing Cydia is a breeze. But first you must jailbreak your apple mobile device. The reasoning behind jailbreaking a device is so it will allow you to start a cydia download and begin installing 3rd party apps to your device. Cydia is a management suite. After jailbreaking your iOS device, Cydia allows you to download 3rd party apps through their store. Their are multiple ways to jailbreak an iOS device. There are both free and paid services that will allow you to jailbreak your iDevice.

After the Cydia Download

After you install Cydia you will be prompted with a series of options. The biggest question that Cydia asks is if you are a: User, Hacker, or Developer. If you are not familiar with jailbreaking or Cydia, we recommend selecting the user option. The user option is the most basic option and will ensure you don’t screw up anything on your device.

After you install and set up Cydia you are off and running! Your iOS device will still function as a normal device but now you have the option of installing Cydia Apps. Go open the app and check out a few of the amazing Cydia Apps you can download!

Jailberak+ tutorial step by step download




iOS 7,04 Download



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